Wicker Man experience and tours

The Ellangowan was made famous in the early 1970’s when it was chosen as one of the locations around south west Scotland for The Wicker Man movie. The story of the making and promoting of the movie was just as twisted and spectacular as the movie itself.

The hotel was used for the ‘Landlords Daughter’ bar scene and the Brit Eckland bedroom seduction scene in the movie.

There is a Wicker Man tour, which can take up to 2 days. From 2019 we plan to start offering a Wicker Man tour, where guests can fly into Glasgow Prestwick, they will be picked up, brought to the Ellangowan, and then taken around the sites by a guide.

I am building a 2 metre Wicker Man, which will be sighted in the bar. Having been inspired by the ‘Burning Man Festival’ in America, fans are welcomed to write down their troubles, sorrows or concerns and put it in the Wicker Man. It will be burned on Mid Summers eve, and the event will be posted on line.

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