Forgotten Railways

As seen on TV, there is currently a great interest in rediscovering the routes of closed railways. Those who enjoy their trains will certainly enjoy a visit to ‘The Port Road’

At the hotel we have a book on Britain’s Lost Railways. This describes the route that ran between Dumfries and Stranraer. This route was in terminal decline after WW2 and with the decline of steam, so came the closure of the railway in 1965.

Close to Creetown there are foot paths and cycle ways which go over the spectacular viaduct at Bigwater of Fleet and through cuttings from solid rock. Road between Castle Douglas and Stranraer has many bankings and former bridges to remind enthusiasts about this former transport link between the port at Stranraer, then Dumfries and the rest of the railway network.

Shooting and Hunting

As part of its heritage, the Ellangowan was a hunting lodge, and it is my intention to return the hotel back to providing this experience for our guests.

By pre-arrangement, we can speak to local contacts who organise hunting parties for people. These are skilled professional stalkers who are engaged in a planned deer management program on behalf of land owners.

If you book your trip at the right time of year, you may be able to enjoy the experience of stalking a stag. There is a skilled butcher in Creetown who we can put you in contact with.

One of the updates to the hotel will be the installation of a gun box. Dogs are welcome, provided that they use flea protection. The hotel has a lounge bar, with red leather Chesterfield Sofa’s, an open fire and single malts, for an enjoyable evening.


There are many fishing opportunities around Creetown and the surrounding area. For Those who enjoy wild fishing, there is the river Cree. One of the popular areas for river fly fishing is where the Cree flows through Newton Stewart, or more locally there is Moneypool Burn in Creetown. In the surrounding area there are numerous well stocked lochs.

In Newton Stewart there is a fishing tackle shop and a number of outdoor shop, which will satisfy all of your requirements for an enjoyable fishing holiday. If fly fishing is no your thing then there are a number of other lochs, rivers and burns which can be used for course fishing or spinning.

There is a local smoke house, and we can arrange for your catch to be smoked, prepared, cooked and served in our restaurant.

Wicker Man experience and tours

The Ellangowan was made famous in the early 1970’s when it was chosen as one of the locations around south west Scotland for The Wicker Man movie. The story of the making and promoting of the movie was just as twisted and spectacular as the movie itself.

The hotel was used for the ‘Landlords Daughter’ bar scene and the Brit Eckland bedroom seduction scene in the movie.

There is a Wicker Man tour, which can take up to 2 days. From 2019 we plan to start offering a Wicker Man tour, where guests can fly into Glasgow Prestwick, they will be picked up, brought to the Ellangowan, and then taken around the sites by a guide.

I am building a 2 metre Wicker Man, which will be sighted in the bar. Having been inspired by the ‘Burning Man Festival’ in America, fans are welcomed to write down their troubles, sorrows or concerns and put it in the Wicker Man. It will be burned on Mid Summers eve, and the event will be posted on line.